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The System

The Deebar Rail-Veyor®

Key Advantages

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Due to its simple design and with its low operating costs, which are based on energy used per ton/km, the Deebar Rail-Veyor® makes it a substantially more cost effective alternative to other conventional methods of moving bulk material.  

As a result of its low capital cost, the Deebar Rail-Veyor® has minimal wear and tear on running components.  

As an energy saving feature, a drive station will only switch on through sensors as the train arrives near the drive station and will switch off once the train has passed through. This means that at any one time only two sets of drives are running per train.

In a typical South African mining environment for example, where they are required to reduce their electricity costs, the Deebar Rail-Veyor® is an excellent product to assist with energy saving.

Cut Your Costs

Rail-Veyor system operating underground.

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