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2004 saw Deebar enter the market with a new bulk material handling system called Deebar Rail-Veyor®.

A similar system was originally conceptualised in the 1960's by the French state railroad, SECCAM, who developed the light rail transport concept of a unitised train consisting of a series of closely connected open cars moved by side pressure of rotating tyres attached to stationary drive stations.  The basic concept was excellent, but because the mechanical and electrical applications required significant improvements, the system was flawed.

With the technology available today, Deebar have fine-tuned the original concept and have redesigned the system to ensure its maximum potential.  Some of the areas that Deebar improved on were the mechanical design of the Train, Mechanical structures, and Drive Stations. Deebar invested a substantial amount of resources on the Communication, Automation and Control Software.

With all the new developments Deebar secured various Design Applications, Copy Rights and International Patents.

Deebar then proceeded to promote the product and as a result obtained a contract for a 5.1Km underground system for Harmony Gold Mine, Phakisa Shaft in Welkom. This contract was the first production system in the world.

Designed to move 180 000 Tons of Gold ore per month, the system has two dump loops one for reef and one for waste at the end of the 5.1 Km haul route. A significant feature is that the Deebar Rail Veyor System negotiates 6 x 30 degree bends along the route and climbs a 1:200 incline on the return side of the dedicated haulage route.

In full production with three trains consisting of 296 cars per train, the system transfers the ore from Phakisa shaft to Nyala shaft.  The entire system is controlled from a central control room on surface and is fully automated. The Harmony Phakisa Deebar Rail Veyor® system has being in operation since 2005.

In 2011 Deebar secured another contract for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for another Deebar Rail-Veyor™ Bulk Material Handling System for a mine in Brits, North West Province, South Africa.

This system consists of three trains and will transport ore over a distance of 2,2Km from two mines to the stock pile feeding the plant. When the system is in full production, the Deebar Rail Veyor® System will transport 525 000 tons of ore per month.

This turnkey project includes all track work; roofing structure along the route, incline structure to a tipping loop approximately 20 Metres high to tip onto the plant stock pile and a return loop to get the trains back on track for the loading section from both mine loading stockpiles.

This system has been in operation since 2014 and has completed over 24 000 trips and moved approximately 1 000 000 000 tons of material.

Since 1976, Deebar have been at the forefront in designing and manufacturing products for the Mining, Power Generation, Motor, Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Deebar, with its own Research and Development department continuously researches and develops products to maintain Deebar's lead in both the products and industries it services.

Deebar's head office and main factory is in Gauteng and our products are backed by a national network of professional sales and support agents, with branches based in Cape Town, Rustenburg, Northwest and Steelpoort.

Deebar commenced business in 1976 initially manufacturing and supplying Lock and Call Bell Shaft Signalling Systems which formed the core of its business.

Since then, Deebar have been the market leaders in the field of lock and call bell shaft signalling.

Mine shaft signalling has changed drastically over the years with Deebar having instituted numerous safety features into the originally designed unit by producing a number of versions of signalling units to cater for the ever-changing markets.

Together with Deebar's extensive range of ancillary products that compliment activities in a mine shaft, Deebar remain the market leaders in the field of shaft signalling, monitoring, Scada displays and shaft gate interlocks together with many other products.

Our other ranges include:

- Fortress Trapped Key Interlocking

- IMO Switchgear

- Benedict / Telux Switchgear

- Deebar Rail-Veyor Bulk Material Handling System

History of Rail-Veyor in Deebar

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