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The System

The Deebar Rail-Veyor®

Key Advantages

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Key Advantages

The Deebar Rail-Veyor® offers numerous advantages over alternative bulk material handling systems such as:

Low Running Cost  

The Deebar Rail-Veyor® is an affordable alternative with the initial low capital cost and extremely  low running and maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance  

Drive stations can be easily removed, repaired or replaced.


There is very little down time as parts can be easily replaced.


Due to its flexibility systems can be designed to accommodate customers existing infrastructure.

The Deebar Rail-Veyor® can negotiate bends up to 30 degrees and can operate at an incline/decline of 11 degrees.

Lightweight rail track

Light rail track is used for the system possibly without the need for ballast.

Low profile

Allowing for clearance of obstacles, bridging or tunnelling.

Easily upgradable

The Deebar Rail-Veyor  system allows for upgrading efficiently and easily.  Additional trains can be added to a system to significantly increase capacity.  Rails can be added and drive stations can be relocated.

No direct operator control (Automatic loading and dumping)

The Deebar Rail-Veyor system can be fully automated utilising only one operator minimising labour costs.

No material spillage

Rubber flaps between the open trough car design reduces spillage significantly.

Continuous loading / unloading

Due to the train having an open trough design this allows for continuous loading and unloading of bulk material.

Allows for multiple loading and dump stations

Multiple pick up points and discharge areas can be used on the same rail.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduced carbon footprint due to low emissions as a result of the drive stations being electrical.

Energy efficient

As a result of only two drive systems operating at one time, the system is extremely efficient in saving energy.

Variable Speeds

The variable speed drive system allows for controlled various speeds at different stages of the route in order to achieve specific tonnages.  Speed can be reduced whilst loading and can be increased while travelling to its destination to achieve satisfactory tonnage.

Rail-Veyor system can bend around corners.

Rail-Veyor system can travel up inclines.

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