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Latest News

In 2005 the first Deebar Rail-Veyor® system was installed at Harmony Gold Mine in Welkom, South Africa and is still in operation in the Harmony Phakisa Mine to transport ore from the Phakisa Shaft to Nyala Shaft where existing hoists are utilized to transport the ore to surface. More than 10 years have passed since this installation was completed and now Deebar Rail-Veyor® have been awarded the contract to upgrade the system.

Currently the Deebar Rail-Veyor® still outperforms the Underground Rock Winder at Phakisa shaft, thus the upgrade is not to increase the ore transport capability of the Deebar Rail-Veyor®, although that will result from the upgrade, but more importantly to stabilize and optimise the Deebar Rail-Veyor® system for the years to come.

Technology has changed drastically over the last 10 years and components such as variable speed drives and the SCADA system (which include the reporting facility) have seen significant improvements which allow for greater energy saving capabilities and improved performance.

Deebar Rail-Veyor®  together with Adroit and Mitsubishi (MAPS) have partnered up to provide the latest in technology to the system.

The upgrade will involve replacing all the tensioners on the drive stations to ensure smooth entrances and exits at all drive stations. Programmable Logic Controllers will control the  operation of the tensioners, which will only apply if predetermined set of conditions are met, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the Deebar Rail-Veyor system.

Brakes will also be installed at strategic points to improve the train control. As the initial design of the system did not include brakes, the addition of brakes at strategic points will add to the optimization of the system by allowing more flexibility in the operation. Thus will allow the system to be used more effectively.

The control system will be replaced with the latest control software and the SCADA will be upgraded to the latest version.. This will enable the mine to get the reporting on the Rail-Veyor systems performance and any potential imminent faults. . Analysis of the operation and diagnostics available to the operators can be viewed in more detailed reports by the maintenance personnel. Management will be able to receive reports on the product delivered and availability of the Deebar Rail-Veyor system.

As a standard, documentation regarding  the operation, training and maintenance of the Deebar Rail-Veyor® will  be issued to ensure that the bulk material handling system can be maintained and operated smoothly for the years to come.

The upgrade is set to begin in (March) 2015 and is expected to be completed by October 2015. The upgrade will be performed during maintenance times and the only down time the system will incur, will be for the final commissioning.

Harmony Gold Rail-Veyor Upgrade

Deebar Awarded Mitsubishi Distributorship

As of the 24 June 2014, Deebar were officially named a sub distributor of the Mitsubishi Factory Automation range of products.

Adroit Technologies as the Authorised Sub-Saharan Distributor of the Mitsubishi Factory Automation products has appointed Deebar Automation as an Authorised Sub-Distributor for the Mitsubishi Factory Automation Invertors (Variable speed Drives).

Deebar will now be supplying Mitsubishi VSD's and PLC's and will significantly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX costs for the Rail-Veyor system.

Email us to find out more information on our range of Mitsubishi Drives.