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The System

Deebar Rail-Veyor® is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly bulk material transport system.  The system is based on the principle of a rollercoaster where a train consisting of a series of articulated trough like cars runs up inclines, down hills and around bends on a rail that can turn back 180 degrees within 20 meters.  

The Deebar Rail-Veyor  consists of a light rail track with a number of two wheeled cars; inter connecting that represents a long, open trough moving along the track. Each car is connected to the car in front by means of a swivel clevis that allows articulated movement for curves and dumping.

Sealing of the gap between cars is maintained by the use of overlapping flexible rubber flaps, which prevents spillage of the material and operates as a discharge chute for dumping the load after being transported.

To move the train the systems consists of a number of equally spaced, energy efficient, dual drive stations.  With filled tyres in contact with the side drive plates of the cars, thus providing forward thrust.  The Deebar Rail-Veyor  has not locomotive or integral drive unit on the train therefore the rail weight is based on the car and content weight, not driver weight as that of a conventional railroad system.

The System

The Deebar Rail-Veyor®

Key Advantages

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In a recent study done by Crickmay & Associates (Pty) Ltd on different bulk material systems, sixteen different systems were extensively researched to investigate and identify alternative transport modes and technologies, with the aim of determining which technologies are best suited for transport requirements, it was said, “The most surprising outcome of this research is the comprehensively competitive possibilities of the Deebar Rail-Veyor  system, which proved to be the only technology which is competitive under every single scenario”  

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Independent Report on Rail-Veyor


Deebar Rail-Veyor® Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Compared to other material handling systems, the Deebar Rail-Veyor® can significantly reduce your carbon footprint due to the low emissions and energy consumption.

The Rail-Veyor uses drive stations that are operated by electrical current to propel the train/s forward. With the system operating without loco's and entirely on electricity, there are zero emissions from fuel. The system also only operates drive stations that are in contact with the train at any given time, which leads to greater energy saving.   

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